Medical Doctor from Pakistan gets an admission to a German University

Today, Pakistan and Dalian Medical University in China are represented. We congratulate Adnan, who has also received an admission to a German University.He is a medical doctor who hails from Pakistan and studied medicine in China.

2016-01-27 19.56.46Educational background

  • Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery: Dalian Medical University in China
  • HSC: Zuberi intermediate College
  • SC: Oxford High School
  • Certificate of Primary Education: Oxford Primary school

Future plans

  • Having his medical degree  recognized in Germany
  • Specialization in psychiatry

We are happy to accompany Adnan  through the  procedure and help  him achieve his goals.

Incase you are interested in having your degree recognized in Germany (medical approbation) or studying  in Germany, feel free to contact us  through whatsApp  on +49 152 12864513 (preferred) or  email

PS: There is no university fee in most German Universities upto masters level!!!

5 thoughts on “Medical Doctor from Pakistan gets an admission to a German University

  1. kakali bhattacharya

    As per my knowledge, Medicine under graduate course is in Germany and not in English in Germany. Would like to know what is the meaning of ‘having medical degree recognised in Germany’.

    1. admin Post author

      Dear Kakali,
      I just responded to you via email. But since this question is relevant, I will post the answer here again. Yes, medicine as an undergraduate course in Germany is in German. However, quilified doctors from abroad, can have their medicine degree recognized in Germany, after following the right process, they don´t have to study medicine a fresh. Medicine is one of the fields that are regulated in most countries and in Germany too. To work as a medical doctor in Germany one needs a licence to practice. As a medical doctor cannot practice with his foreign degree and licence in Germany, the degree and licence is hence not recognized in Germany. They can however do an exam, and after passing that exam, they will be given a licence to practice and their degree will now be recognized in Germany.
      Kind regards,


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